Quality CRGO Electrical Steel Laminations

Established in 1977, Banmore Electricals Pvt Ltd has been a major player in manufacturing & distribution of CRGO Transformer Core Lamination. An unmatched prudence of market requirement and the persistent move in delivering excellent product is a result of our three decades of experience in Transformer & Lamination industry. Setting a benchmark in Quality CRGO Electrical Steel Laminations for power & distribution, we always keep bulk stock of all major grades of CRGO, and are supplying regularly to prominent transformer manufacturers. We manufacture Step-Lap Cores and supply guaranteed losses in any Star Rating Orders.

We solicit valued enquiries for our quality products for which we assure you for our best attention & services.

BEPL understand that in today's competitive global market, quality of the product is the top priority. The company believes in working with innovation & implementation of new concepts following transparent & ethical practices in product quality, payments, delivery time and confidentiality of customer's core design, documents and information. To enhance customer satisfaction, our facilities are well equipped with all the Modern Production Processes and are ISO 9001:2000 certified. We have highly experienced technical staff to advice and understand our customer's requirements for CRGO.